Web Design

Web Design

For me, good design is good design whether it’s on paper, the side of a building or a woman’s hat. However web design has its own special language and technical requirements. I’ve been a web designer since 2001. I’ve been a standout web designer since 2007. You can see some older examples of my work at http://callum.mackendrick.com/v2.2/ if you’re really curious.


Indispensable. Check out a custom website script which collects the email addresses of people who post scam offers on Craigslist – still going strong.


I dig it a lot. Check out the contact form on this website.

jQuery (JavaScript)

So versatile it is replacing a lot of what used to be done in Flash. Try shuffling the portfolio on the homepage for a demonstration.


I like big funky menus and I cannot lie.