Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Many stakeholders forget that a website is only a tool and it can only succeed if you give it the support it needs. Building your site is an imprtant first step, but you need to save some of your budget and time to market the website.  I pride myself on building websites that work and serve a vital purpose – informing, selling, entertaining. There are websites that win design awards and then there are websites that sell, and the trick is to be the shared subset between those two groups, if I may use a Venn diagram mataphor.

Web Services

If you need help setting up a shopping cart, playing video, running an animation, I can help. In the rare case where I can’t handle your request on my own I can rely on a dependable network of compatriots who love to break new ground.

Social Media

It has to be here – but everyone seems to have a different idea about the importance or lack thereof for social media in their organization. For some people it must be a hands-on daily discourse with their audience. It can’t be outsourced or put off even for a few hours. For others social media is a big fat waste of time.

I believe you do what you need to do to get new subscribers/customers/clients and retain existing ones. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Empire Avenue (and about 10 others) – they all make a quantum difference in the way and the amount that you are perceived. If this kind of thing doesn’t come naturally – have someone qualified take the reins.

I am good at figuring out certain types of people and industries (not all of them) and I’m a great listener. I can be your voice on the social web.