Arena Display Sketches

Platform + Shell = Arena

Much like a game design document, sometimes a simple sketch is a great way to explain a design concept. The idea for the Arena exhibit was to devote space to playing games and watching games being played. The main entrance is up the stairs to the platform. When walking on the stairs visitors can see the main screen positioned on the opposite wall. And when on the platform there is a great view across the entire space.

Booth Exterior

The exterior of the shell is covered in a pattern of company logos of varying sizes. This contrasts with other companies who usually use an aggressive presentation using the largest possible logo.

Booth Cross-section

Two big screens are placed on the opposite wall so bystanders can view the game in progress. The interior colours are dark grey and black so all attention goes to the the big screens. Behind the long counter there are two additional screens displaying trailers.  Under the platform there is space for staff belongings, merchandising and a possible fridge.  Computers go here as well to preserve a tidy appearance.

Media Booth

The smaller media booth is based on the same general concept as the game booth with a similar brand identity.  From reception there are two entrances intotwo cosy meeting rooms.In the back there is a storage space and a small kitchen. The entrance could be from the meeting areas as well as from the outside.