Welcome to adulthood-May I take your testosterone?
If you’re male and over 35, you almost definitely have less testosterone than you used to. But you think that everything related to testosterone is working, so why worry.

– decreased libido
– decreased strength
– loss of muscle mass
– lack of energy
– loss of sense of well being, depression
– falling asleep after dinner.


Blood tests ordered by your physician at certain times during the day.


Generally reserved only for men diagnosed with enough deficiency to cause problems. It is not an anti aging miracle treatment for men with normal testosterone levels.

Improves muscle mass
Improves bone strength
Decrease levels of LDL, the lousy cholesterol, therefore cardio protective
Improve insulin sensitivity

Criticism that testosterone therapy increase the risk of prostate cancer, although not clinically proven.
May increase risk of heart disease

How is it taken:

Taken as an injection.
Gel or patch
Sublingually, under the tongue
Blood tests needed to monitor hormone levels.

Tip of the day: So if you are losing your testosterone after 35, it is time to start with the exercise program including strength training to increase muscle mass and decrease osteoporosis.